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First Source Engineering offers Safe, Convenient and efficient wide range of aerial work platforms with the support of our partners Sinoboom lift, Sinoboom Company provides wide range of aerial work platforms Scissor Lifts, Telescopic Boom Lifts, Articulating Boom Lifts, Spider Lifts and Boom Lift Trucks, Provide high altitude operations safe and reliable solutions to cover all the needed and operating heights and weights with the most competitive prices found in the marketplace today. We invite you to compare our prices, quality and service with your current suppliers. You can be assured that your request will receive prompt and professional attention. Please browse through our below products and services for more information.


Scissor Lift

Scissor Lift can travel at bothe fast and slow speed in various conditions. Only one operator working aerially is required to accomplish a series of movments consecutively, such as moving upward, downward, forward and backward and turning. Compared to traditional manual (hydraulic) platforms, its greatly improves working efficiency and lowers labor intensity and reduces number of operators required. Automatic alarming protection during platform descending is used to prevent from smashing.The product boasts light, weight and large load capacity.The platform is removable and easy to transport.

Telescopic Boom Lift

Telescopic Boom Lift is large in operation range, High in efficiency, powerful in driving force and large in load capacity. Meanwhile, it can hold 2-3 operators and working devices. The maximal gradeability can be up to 40%, so it can be parked and restarted on such slop without down sliding. Telescopic Boom Lift is widely used for ship industry (shipbuilding and repairing), Large -sized steel structure (steel structure manufacturing), construction engineering, urban utilities and gardning. Airport and harbor, curtain wall engineering, petrochmical industry, etc.


Articulating Boom Lift

Articulating Boom Lift is of wide operation range, High efficiency and large load cpacity. Many technical innovations are incorporated in designing, So thatthe product boasts high-level safety, Reliability and operability. Articulating Boom Lift is widely used for plant installation and maintenance (warehouse instalation), Venue constraction and maintenance, contruction and maintenance, Construction engineering, Large-scale warehousing, Aviation and space industry, Airport and harbor, Urban utilities and gardning, curtain wall egineering, etc.

Spider Lift

Compared to other aerial platforms, Spider enjoys the following advantages when working in the same height and range: Light weight, Small pressure of rubber track onto the ground, Good applicability to narrow site, Bad road, field road, building floor and indoors conditions, etc. Its incomparable by other counterparts due to its excellent adaption. Spider lift applies to the maintenance and installaion of indoors and outdoors buildings, The maintenance and construction of equipment and building in the field, Electric power construction and maintenance.


Boom Lift Truck

Boom Lift Truck is of wide operation range, Large load capacity, Stronge power, High work efficiency as well its cost saving. It is a widely used in electric power maintenance, Construction, Urban utilities and gardning, Airport and harbor, Curtain wall engineering, Outdoon or highway advertising, etc.

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